Establishment of Company

Evolution Management Services
(Hereon after called Evo) was formed on 28th December 2005.

Upon formation of the company, the management has decided to provide excellent services to meet and exceeds customer expectations.

We believe pest control services have to be more professional as our society progress.
Our Service Features

Our definitions for quality services consist of following criteria:

All services, customer calls will be addressed fast, speedy and well to achieve excellent customer services. We believe time is an essence in pest management services as pest’s problem is acute and urgent to be resolved in all daily business operations.


All treatments must be effective and efficient. It is our ultimate objective to let our prestigious customers entrust that we have the technical capacity to dissolve their structural pest’s problem and enjoying the benefits of our services.


We fully aware and will comply to train our staffs with best practices of pest management technique. It is the culture of Evo’s Management to continuously enhance our staffs right’s technique of pest management. We strongly believe it is imperative that all pest management programs not only have to be effective but also save to environment and non-target lives as well.

As pest management in most of the time is dealing with fighting against the desire to survive of pests, it needs professional knowledge and prolongs working good relationship among Evo’s Management and our clients, it is our responsibility to provide necessary advises for pest eradication. Our staffs will be trained with most up-to-date pest management knowledge and be very observant to share their pest management/experience with all our prestigious clients.


We treat courtesy as our way of life. We are proud of ourselves but we are also respecting all our counterparts. We believe that through mutual respect and cooperation among all individuals involved, we will have happy customers and happy staffs and hence create a much better working relations within and without the company.

Service Provided

provides a wide range of pest control services listed as below:

Contractual Business
These are routine pest management services i.e. maintenance contractual services for managing pest such a rodents control, termites routine inspection and remedial treatments, common ants control, cockroaches control, mosquitoes control, flies control, compound/garden pest control and etc.

Target Treatment Jobs
These are one or multiple treatments for fast eradication of pest such as : Post and Pre-Construction anti-termites proofing treatments, fleas eradication treatments, bats proofing, birds proofing, rats barrow treatments, intensive rats, cockroaches, common ants treatments etc.

Pest Control Devices Rental @ Maintenance Services :

These include:
Prestigious flying insect control units (Evo Fly Trap)

Evo Designed Specialty Services :
These include:
  1. Pest Shield System (PSS) : PSS is specially designed by Evo cater food, food-based industries and those operations that seek for very high standard of pest management services. Evo will provide details raw data report and data analyzing reports after each service and after each time period. This system is tailor make to clients and is strongly recommended for those who wish to achieve HACCP and AIB status or equivalent.
  2. Pest Management Consultant Services: Qualify/License PCO  will only be employed for handling consultant services. The technical staffs will visit and advice our clients from time to time to achieve the best results per structural pest management.
  3. Supply of Pest Control/Hygiene Chemicals and Equipment.

Company Objective

It is our ultimate objective to develop Evo as the best “One Stop Solution” for all pest control problems at all times. In the course of trying to achieve this ultimate objective, people and technical development become our first long-term priority. Our people need to be trained, groom and grow. We need to have better and better relationship with our clients, be more observant to our changing environment and more caring to our counterparts.

In short, we need to be “Your Structural Pest Solution